A Little Piece of Mountain Top

August 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As teen parents, my husband and I always dreamed of the day we would own our own piece of land.  A place to call our own seemed like an accomplishment that could only be dreamed of and never achieved.   Our prayers came true, and we were finally looking into homes to purchase.  We wanted out of the small town I grew up in, and after viewing many homes that just didn't fit the bill, my father in law offered us my husband's childhood home!  I had no idea of the blessings that were in store for us.  Our home sits on the mountain top, on a dead end street, with endless trees across the small road.  Its not a mansion, but it's home.  I sit on the front porch, admiring the view and am humbled by my surroundings.  I grew up on a huge amount of property, and had only prayed to give my children the lifestyle I had.  And here we are! Its not a large piece of property, but they always say big things come in small packages, and that is certainly true with our piece of the mountain.  We cherish what we have.  Each afternoon is filled with wildlife adventures.  Frogs and snakes visit our pond, birds rest on the fence posts, and foxes squeak across the drive.  Most of days are spent on the porch, photographing the birds, teaching my children about the animals, and enjoying those moments of bliss with my family.  When the moment comes, our girls will have our home.  And now I dream they will cherish these moments as my husband and I have done.  Mountain life truly is the best. <3

Cotton Tail RabbitCotton Tail Rabbit House FinchHouse Finch nuthatch wildlife photography White-breasted NuthatchI often change out the types of feed we offer to our visitors. birds of prey, wildlife of nc, nc wildlifeSharp-shinned Hawk nc wildlife, wildlife photography Be Humble, Little BumbleBumble bee forget me not SpringSpringHumming Bird Moth feeding from a Butterfly Bush. American GoldfinchDid you happen to notice the bokeh heart behind him?


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