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I have spent the better part of my life in the wonderful mountains of North Carolina.  As a Carolina girl I have seen all the sights this state has to offer; from the mountains to the beaches.  We are known for out southern hospitality, but the wildlife is what makes this place feel like home! 

White-tail FawnWhite-tail Fawn

Deer are one of the many wild animals you can expect to see when visiting NC.  They may not be thrilling to see like an elk, but we have those to! 

ElkElkWild Elk in Cataloochee Valley NC

If you're looking for a location to visit with the hopes of seeing one for yourself my biggest suggestion would be Cherokee, NC or Cataloochee Valley where you will see them in herds.  Elk herds in NC were once diminished, but that has changed since elk have been re-introduced in NC, mainly Cataloochee Valley.  While you are there you have the potential to see other wildlife, like bears and turkey. 

Eastern Wild TurkeyEastern Wild Turkey Head a little East and there's more, much much more.  I can visit any park and just admire what nature provides.  From reptiles, to water life there is so much to enjoy. 

Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron HiddenHiddenYou can't see me. Or can you? Golden Orb WeaverGolden Orb WeaverFound in the trees of the main entrance into Congaree National Park SpringSpringHumming Bird Moth feeding from a Butterfly Bush. River OtterRiver OtterRiver otter in Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge We may not have grizzly bears, or even moose, but we do have some miraculous critters.  Some you will see a lot of, and some we search for years to see but never do.  Thank you for visiting my blog!  I hope to add more images with an array of the local wildlife.  <3 

CoyoteCoyoteWe found this Coyote while driving the Wildlife Drive at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. SmileSmileEastern Garter snake. Non-venomous. Take a Load OffTake a Load OffMale Eastern Fence Lizard. Basking in the sun as I disrupt his "me" time.



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